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Wavetec is a multinational technology company based in Dubai, dedicated to the design, development, manufacturing, and implementation of Customer Flow Management & Self-Service solutions-oriented to manage and improve the customer experience in service areas and retail stores. Wavetec helps businesses organize, manage and measure customer flow with its complete range of customer experience solutions.

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An enterprise software that integrates with all peripheral devices to minimize customers’ efforts across all channels and touchpoints, ensuring a seamless experience every time a customer visits your branch. Spectra provides comprehensive performance monitoring, reporting to assist businesses in monitoring multiple connected players and generating performance reports.

Wavetec’s Queue Management System enables you to define the way your customers are managed in service areas. Our queuing system is an ecosystem of interconnected modules that helps to deliver a personalized customer waiting experience. From a customer’s arrival at a service area to the customer’s exit, we have it all mapped out for you with our take-a-ticket solution.

Wavetec has been implementing and integrating digital signage solutions in businesses globally. Every signage application differs from business and brand strategy. Our signage solutions are custom designed to meet your business objectives and goals.

Customer needs and expectations are constantly evolving, and thus customer feedback is vital for customer-centric businesses. Wavetec’s Opinion Plus is the key to extract data about customers’ experiences and find out what they expect from you. Opinion Plus is an advanced customer feedback system that serves to bridge the gap between you and your customer’s perceived value of your service. Moreover, it also leverages you to use the feedback to master the customer service experience.

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