Pipe/Tube Straightening

Pipe/Tube Straightening

Pipe/Tube Straightening
Cross Roll Type

GMT 6/10 DRIVE CROSS ROLL tube straightening machines are designed to handle tubes of outer diameter from 6 mm to 170 mm in different models. These machines are based on the well proven rotary pressure and deflection principle of straightening, which gives a very high degree of straightening ranging from 1 mm to 0.3 mm in 1000 mm.

The rolls are mounted in pairs and are driven by two identical motors through totally enclosed gear boxes and box and universal spindle couplings.

  • 6/10 work rolls arranged in pairs.
  • Two identical motors driving top and bottom rolls, fixed/variable speed.
  • The machine can easily and quickly be set when changing from one size of tube to another.
  • Tube can be straightened accurately without surface blemishes.
  • As the tube is retained between each pair of rolls, no guides are required to control the pass of the tube.
  • Machines can be supplied with manual, semi-automatic and automatic handling systems.
  • Machines can be supplied with pressure sensing units.
Model Maximum Diameter Admitted (mm) Normal Maximum Wall (mm) Minimum Diameter (mm)

Normal Maximum Diameter (mm)

Normal Operating Speed Meters Per Min.
Single Two Variable


65 13 6 100 75 120 120


75 16 6 114 75 120 120


114 20 8 140 75 120 120


140 50 12 169 30 60 60